Prescriptive Massage

How often and how long are you actually able to disconnect from day to day life? Our daily routine is a constant connection to electronic gadgetry - smart phones, email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter the list goes on...

Over my 20 years of experience in 'wholistic' therapies (holistic as a 'whole ' collective) I have learnt how to treat the mind, body and soul with the true essence of communication - through the medium of touch & massage.

My approach to massage can be seen as a natural progression from traditional techniques both eastern and western that have evolved with current new influences from the 20th century.

 My healing hands can assess the needs of each individual client to customise a unique prescribed massage experience that addresses the body spiritualy, mentally and physically - encapsulating Indian head, Thai foot, acupressure, shiatsu, lymphatic, reiki & Swedish massage techniques. In short - a 'off line ' journey to grounded relaxation & wellbeing.

1hr - £120