Each treatment is customised to suit your skin.
No two people are alike and neither should their treatments be.

Viva Facial

This is the serious facial contender that packs a powerful punch in improving clarity, scarring & refining pores. Perfect for acne suffers, pitted skin & pigmentation. Powered by nano fractional technology, RF is delivered through microneedles that aid in resurfacing with minimal down time. A course of 3 is recommend for over 6 weeks .

£200 - 1 hr session
Buy 3 and get a 4th Venus Facial free

Meso Facial

Facial mesotherapy originates from France. Using the most current pistor no5 meso gun delivering the highest quality vitamins, amino acids & hyaluronic acid directly into the skin with precision and efficiency that is a perfect alternative to injectables. With no down time & combined with the Venus express facial this is a first in the beauty industry & a favourite to celebrities like Madonna.

£200 - 1hr session
Buy 2 and get the third session free
texture & glow

Comcit Facial

Pioneered by Crystal Clear the Comcit facial is a multi-tasker on all levels, incorporating microdermabrasion, skin needling & oxygen, you are now in the à la carte menu of the skin elite. This facial delivers impressive results by exfoliating and working on the wound-heal response effect that triggers the skin into repair mode. To finish, oxygen is delivered to complete the facial with 'popcorn effect' plumping out the skin & refining pores.
The add on

LED Spacelight Mask

Light therapy was first used & designed by NASA to prevent premature ageing from the harsh environment of zero gravity . Now it's become a facial must have as it stimulates the production of collagen , improves Elasticity & has a very powerful healing effect Perfect as a add on to the Venus viva & meso facials.

£50 for 20 min