Prolong your tan this summer with my skin secret…

Summer skin: Prolong your tan this summer with my skin secret… We all love summer right? Sun, sea, s……’sand’ – and golden skin everywhere! Yet the British weather isn’t much to go by. Within a couple of weeks the hot weather can change to pouring down rain, grey skies or even a potential snow storm […]

My new #thermaltech facial

As a young girl I always remember my mum converting our dining room into a beauty salon.  I used to laugh at my mums ‘clients’ ( friends) with a head full of tin foil & plastic floppy highlighting caps that made even the most glamorous lady look like Victoria Plum on a bad day. Then […]

NeoStrata Skin Active Intensive Eye Therapy

As the saying goes ‘The eyes are the windows to our soul’ The eyes can tell a thousand stories – late nights – excess drinking -stress -emotions and not forgetting that certain sparkle or twinkle. Needless to say the most common question I get asked is about the eyes. The main offenders being puffiness, dark […]

111 SKIN Meso pads

Right now the word ‘meso’ therapy is a hot beauty buzz word. (Just check out Madonnas uber smooth hands & Katy perry’s perky bum) Hollywood a-listers  are big fans of the meso effect that is classed a natural vitamin facelift from the inside out Mesotherapy is a infusion of quality essential vitamins, amino acids  minerals & hyaluronic acid that […]

EGF and why it’s my fave ingredient

Beauty science excites me -fact- the way the cosmetic industry is ever evolving never ceases to amaze me . I’ve always been super interested in growth factors – it started with my la prairie training & their controversial use of a Sheep’s placenta to promote cellular renewal (this has now been banned) Then out comes DNA […]

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my new blog. Here I willl share my skincare tips, product review and much more. Stay tuned. -Clare X